Digital Marketing Workshop (Skills Future Claimable)


Total training hours: 7.5 Hours
Start: 10.00am, end at 6.30pm

The most powerful feature of Facebook’s advertising platform is its targeting capabilities. Facebook is able to provide it by the amount of data they're collecting with every action we take on Facebook. The best of all? There are 3.8 million Facebook Users in Singapore.

More than 77% of consumers prefer Emails for Marketing Communications. Well, one thing for sure, people prefer Emails to receiving a marketing call, don't you think? Email Marketing has a 3,000% ROI, yes it is three zeros, THREE THOUSAND ROI!

Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for your Facebook Page / Posts to be designed, wouldn't it be more worthwhile to learn how to design amazing graphics for your Facebook Marketing efforts?

Join us for our workshop where our trainer will teach you about the mechanics of Facebook Marketing, and how to create amazing graphics for your Facebook Business Page.

What am I going to get from this course?
Gain valuable skills, such as the capability to develop a digital marketing campaign on Facebook and MailChimp by the end of the course, and push your career forward!

By the end of the course, you will learn how to make Facebook and Email Marketing work for you and your business. This course will change the way you market on Facebook and Emails, giving you a better perspective and better results from these marketing efforts.

a) Facebook Marketing Campaign Component: 3.5 Hours
• Design a Facebook cover design
• Design a Facebook post update graphic
• Learn about paid and organic reach for your Digital Facebook Marketing Campaign
• Learn about Facebook best practices
• Design, develop and create your own Facebook Campaign

b) Email Marketing Campaign Component: 3.5 Hours
• Understand how can Email Marketing can aid your business growth
• Learn how to create an Email Marketing Campaign with MailChimp
• Learn about best practices, tips and insights to Email Marketing
• Learn how you can start building your email list
• Create graphics for your Email Campaign with Canva

c) Question & Answer with Trainer : 0.5 Hours

What you'll need to bring to class:
• Laptop • Laptop charger
• Mouse, Mouse Pad (optional)
• A notebook to take notes
• Pens for note taking

At the end of this course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion by The Good Designers.

Testimonial #1
Charmaine provided relevant examples to explain marketing strategy from various industries. Good comprehensive coverage on MailChimp and Canva!

- Melisa Leung

Testimonial #2
Delivery of the workshop topics were clear, with a lot of helpful tips given. I will strongly recommend this course to all start-up looking to excel in their business email marketing efforts.

- Mark Su

About the Trainer
Hello there! I'm Charmaine, Founder and Chief Learning Officer at The Good Designers. I've started out on my own for 7 years now, and during this period of time, I met many clients, and many always asked me if i am able to teach them about designing in Photoshop, etc.

As we all come to realize the importance of internet marketing, social media marketing, do we also recognize that designs plays a huge role in what works and what do not work?

Well here's a workshop that combines both the practical knowledge of digital marketing on facebook and email marketing together with design. We will be designing with a web-based designing application. Find out how this amazing tool is going to triple your sales and marketing efforts, bringing you even more leads and converstions than before!

For more about what we do at The Good Designers, visit our website: www.thegooddesigners.com


1. Who can i contact should i have questions?
You can write to us at sayhi@thegooddesigners.com

2. Is there a minimum class size to proceed?
Yes. We require a minimum class size of 4 people to proceed with the class. In the event that there is insufficient participants, we reserve the right to reschedule the class or provide a full refund.

3. When will i receive the certificate for the course?
Upon completion of the workshop, our trainer will collect your address details for the certificates to be mailed to your home/office address within 5 working days from the completion of the workshop.

4. What are my transport options getting to the event?
261 Waterloo Street #04-37 Singapore 180261

Nearest MRT Station(s):
Bras Basar (Circle Line) - 2 to 3 mins walk
Bugis (Green Line) - 9 to 12 mins walk

For drivers, parking is available in the building's basement.

Wed Dec 28, 2016
10:00 AM - 6:30 PM SGT
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261 Waterloo Street, #04-37
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Venue Address
261 Waterloo Street Singapore
2 min walk from Bras Besar MRT
The Good Designers (Creative & Infographics Workshop)